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How to Move Appliances

Moving appliances from one home to another requires technical know-how and a great deal of planning. Ask your United Move Coordinator if you need help preparing appliances for your move.

Preparation and Service are Your Responsibility

When planning your move, be sure to properly prepare for the transportation of major appliances and other home furnishings. Depending upon the item, special precautions may be required. Our tips will help you move your appliances with care.

A moving company will do all of the heavy work—the actual transporting of your appliances from your home into the van and then into your new residence. However, the preparation of major appliances and other home furnishings is an important activity for you to schedule.

It’s your responsibility to:

  1. Take care of these preparations yourself
  2. Hire an appropriate technician
  3. Request that your moving company manage arrangements with a technician
  4. Have your appliances properly serviced

Your appliance technician should prepare your appliances in order to withstand handling during transit or while in storage. This process can include bracing a washer tub, disconnecting an ice maker or capping off a gas line.

Please Take Notice

Appliances require special consideration as you prepare for your move. Many large units have high-voltage connections or gas supplies that require the attention of an appliance technician. Your United agent cannot help you disconnect, service or reinstall appliances that fall into this category.

You may authorize your United agent to pre-arrange for appliance servicing before your move date. This service will be provided through a trusted, third-party service which will be added to the Bill of Lading as an additional cost.

Your United Mover Cannot:

  • Disconnect appliances (ice maker, washer, dryer, etc.) or reconnect them in the new residence.
  • Disconnect utilities.
  • Repair appliances.
  • Remove or install window air conditioners or television and radio antennas.
  • Perform wiring, plumbing, electrical or carpentry services.

See one of the following pages for more specific servicing instructions.

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