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In a small town, reputation is everything. Find out why we have been the largest, most successful, Moving & Storage company in North Central Washington for over 115 years!

Moving Articles

Need expert moving advice? You've come to the right place.

If you’ve started planning a move, you are going to need expert advice from professional movers. Eagle Transfer agents are some of the best in the business and have years of experience moving families – like yours – through every imaginable scenario.

If you can’t find the advice you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us to ask questions. We are always happy to help guide you through the process.

How to Choose a Moving Company

If you have ever had to make a choice among moving companies for a local or long distance move, you know the decision is not always easy. Whether you have had to hire a moving company in the past or this will be your first time, we hope to help make the decision a little easier for you.

Energy Efficient Updates for Your New Home

You always discover opportunities for improvement when you move into a home, regardless of its age. Whether it was built in the 19th century or constructed in the last few months to your precise specs, no home is ever truly finished. Never has this been more true than it is today, when state-of-the-art developments in construction methods and home appliances are helping to make homes more energy efficient. Here are just a few suggested top energy efficient updates available that you can perform on your home.

First Home Improvement Projects

Although adding to the workload is probably the last thing anyone wants to think about after moving into a new home, many will see a major home improvement project as a perfect opportunity to make their new home truly theirs.

Choosing a Home Security System

These days, having a home security system isn’t so much a luxury as it is a necessity. Especially if you’re moving into a new neighborhood and you have absolutely no idea how safe it is.

How to Move a Refrigerator

Changing temperatures, lack of airflow and high-speed movement can adversely affect your fridge during the move. Proper cleaning and preparation will help ensure it is ready to use when it arrives at your destination.

How to Move Antiques

Your collectables are prized and often irreplaceable. Naturally, you want to protect them from any possible damage during your move.

How to Move Your Wine Collection

Have your high-value collection appraised by a qualified professional. Appraisal fees vary widely from area to area.

Moving with Kids

A move to a new home can be an exciting experience for children, if you employ careful planning from start to finish. Planning begins with informing them of the upcoming move. It also includes organizing the details of relocating, as well as getting acquainted with your new community.

How to Move Range/Stove

Your range or stove is highly susceptible to damage during a move. Utility connections, intricate parts and polished finishes will all require special handling.

How to Request a Change of Address

One of the first things to do when you’re moving is to submit a change of address with the Post Office. The reasons why are obvious—even if you’ve already contacted every single person you’ve ever met and every company you’ve ever done business with to inform them of your new address, there still exists a small chance that somebody somewhere will not get the message.

How to Move a Dishwasher

Many dishwasher units may be simply unplugged from a wall outlet. If this is not the case, you can shut off the appliance’s circuit breaker at the electrical panel.

How to Move Appliances

Moving appliances from one home to another requires technical know-how and a great deal of coordination.

Plan a Pre-Move Garage Sale

A garage sale held prior to moving can help both lighten the load and bring in some extra cash.

Moving with Pets

Most movers wouldn’t dream of leaving their much-loved “family members” behind when they move. But pets, like people, are happiest and most content when in familiar surroundings.

Save Money on TV, Internet and Phone

Those familiar with the term “triple play deal” for phone, TV and Internet service may understand what it means, but not everyone knows exactly what to look for to get the best bang for their buck.

Rights and Responsibilities

When selecting a moving company, it is your responsibility to evaluate a carrier’s reputation and compliance with federal regulations. It is important that you fully understand the terms of your move and are aware of the remedies available to you in the case that issues arise.

Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

Did you know that you may, under certain circumstances, deduct some moving expenses from your federal income tax return? United has summarized some of the ways you may be able to write off moving expenses.

Moving Articles
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